Our Mission at Field Brothers Farms is to maximize returns to landowners using proven business principles, while providing career opportunities that will enhance our employee’s lives. Furthermore, we strive to operate an unparalleled Agricultural organization based on excellence and accountability.


Core Values

Our Core Values at Field Brothers Farms are:

  • To use proven business principles to maximize returns.
  • To maintain mutually beneficial relationships with landowners.
  • To provide Professionalism, Excellence, Pride and Accountability.
  • To concentrate on factors we can control.
  • And to enhance employee’s lives through career opportunities and financial security.



Our Vision at Field Brothers Farms is to operate as a self-sustaining, profitable entity that is not only marketable to potential successors, but is also viewed by landowners as their first choice of farms to manage their land assets. All while ensuring our employees have successful careers, achieve financial security and attain personal goals.

For more information about our company’s Mission,  our Core Values or the Vision we have for the future, please feel free to contact us today!